How many parking spaces are available for heavy goods vehicles? << Back

The Autoroute Blanche has storage capacity for 225 heavy goods vehicles. The spaces available are as follows: 122 HGV spaces are available at the following service areas:

  • Passy/Mont Blanc - Mâcon > Chamonix direction (22 spaces)
  • Bonneville/Pontchy - Mâcon > Chamonix direction (30 spaces)
  • Valleiry, in both directions (45 spaces) - motorway services, including a petrol station, a restaurant and all conveniences
  • Salève, Chamonix > Mâcon direction (25 spaces) 103 HGV spaces available at the toll plazas (equipped with water supply points and toilets):
  • Cluses (80 spaces), with hot food available
  • Viry (8 spaces)
  • Eloise (9 spaces)
  • Bellegarde (6 spaces)

Furthermore, the Fayet service area, managed by the Mont Blanc Tunnel European Economic Interest Grouping, has 120 HGV spaces.

What should I do if I break down on the motorway or some other incident occurs?

If you are forced to stop (engine failure, puncture), try to reach a refuge, a rest area or a service area. If you are unable to do so, pull over onto the hard shoulder on the far right of the motorway and then:

  • Switch on your hazard lights.
  • Exit your vehicle from the right-hand side (away from the motorway traffic).
  • Go to the nearest emergency call phone by walking alongside the crash barrier (make sure that you are on the side furthest from the traffic) The phones are located every 2 km on each side of the motorway, meaning that you will be 1 kilometre at most from a phone.
By pressing the button on the phone terminal, you will be put in direct contact with the SIERRA CP, which will notify the approved breakdown mechanic.
Do not use your mobile phone, it will make it harder to determine your whereabouts and will delay the arrival of the emergency services.

How do I contact the emergency services if I break down or am involved in an accident?

The most effective way to identify where the breakdown or accident occurred is by calling from an emergency call phone. These are situated every 2 kilometres. You will then be put directly in contact with the Gendarmerie or the state security police, who will immediately inform the breakdown and/or emergency services (ambulance, fire brigade, breakdown company, and so on). You must never cross over the motorway. If you break down, pull over onto the hard shoulder, put your hazard lights on, exit the vehicle from the right-hand side and wait for the emergency services from behind the crash barrier. Do not use your mobile phone, it will make it harder to determine your whereabouts and will delay the arrival of the emergency services.

What should I do if I hit a wild animal?

Road signs warn of areas that are usually crossed by large animals. Be particularly on your guard, especially at night or in the early hours of the morning. For your safety, the motorway companies have decided to put up fencing alongside their networks. Despite these precautions, some animals do get onto the motorway at interchanges. In the event of a collision, report the accident to the operations services using the emergency call phones. Then report the accident to your insurance company, who will deal with your claim according to the terms of your insurance policy.